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  • Artist Info: Names Ice,<br />
    This is my smooth going avi, and i'll keep it that way!<br />
    I made this profile in honor of this captain, hes my favourite outa The show Bleach.This account is super poor so donations will not be over looked.<br />
    IF you would like to be my friend kool, no random request i hate that, random comments yes random requests hell na<br />
    random pmz are kool with me too.<br />
    Im a super nice person randomly go around giveing people stuff from there wish list!<br />
    Don't piss me off i have bad anger problems, and i don't fool around if you make me mad. I'm insane people think im cute, cause there all older than me, My b-days in December!<br />
    I would like snow stuff, its the best season.<br />
    ya wana know more pm or comment don't care!
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