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Today I ate breakfast. I can't remember exactly what it was..........WAIT! I do. But I'm not going to say what it was. Because if I tell what that WONDERFUL thing I ate for breakfast was, you'll want to go out and buy it and I will never be able to eat it again! But ahhhhh it was good. Very, very, GOOD TASTING!!! Anyway, then I banged on the piano. Yes...broke 9 fingers. If only I had broken 1 more, then it would have been 10. (an even number, that way both hands got hurt the same amount) *sigh* Then I colored a pretty picture! Then I went swimming. Then I flew in a plain. Then I karate chopped the TV. Then I eat lunch. AND NO, I am not telling ANYONE what I ate...because it tasted good and if anybody finds out, they will eat every last crum of it on the planet and there will be none left for me. But ohhhhhhh it was good! It was VERY good. Then I did more karate. And I did the tango with a flamingo. Then I went on this site and clicked a bunch of stuff, then made this journal and so um yeah....that was my day...pretty interesting huh? (and I haven't eaten dinner yet, but I'm not telling you what I am going to eat.).....(because I don't know what I'm going to eat yet!) MEGA LOLZ ha ha ha FOOLED YOU! So yeah...that's it...MAN! I just LOVE typing ya know!? It's just so much fun! Especaily when you're typing nonesense like this! I mean you really need to try this some time.....MAN! You must be SUPER BOARD if you just keep reading this. I mean there is no point to this little thing....and yet....you are still wasting away your life with your eye transfixed on your computer monotor reading my bazzar and freakish journal that has no point or plot. Man....I feel sorry for you...yeah...so anything cool going on at your house? I didn't think so. Anyway BYE!~

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