* he watches the sunrise really calm. he breaths
the nice ocean air* yes.... its really beautiful... do u.. do this often?
* he says in a whisper*
yah i do .....i come here every morning ^^
ulquiorra , i think we should go buy swimsuits..... because these clothes won't try for awhile .....
thats indeed interesting... why do u come here most of the time?
* is already getting his pants off*

i don't know my sister told aboutt this place, "looks at him funny then points to a sign (going nude is prohibited by law) . com'n ulquiorra lets go get some swimsuits, put you pants back on "covers her eyes as she says this"

mm where my manners these days! *puts on swimsuit*
ur thoughtful... u brought me these little shorts! * kisses cheek and then
suddenly jumps*

"jumps in after him"

* swims and eyes glow. he smirks at her.
gets up surface* whooo! *he floats*

"we wash up on the shore, and end up on top of each other again because of the waves"

* wet drops get on her face* what was up with that! *he laughs a little*r u ok? * without any explaination he leans and kisses her lips*

"kisses him back"
grimmjow , something is wrong with ulquiorra and ana lucia , they..they're playing chess and they're acting weird "grimmjow opens his eyes to see a little girl holding a menos grande plushie"

what the hell..?? *grimmjow looks at the little girl*
whats going on??
* he stops* im sorry i shouldnt have done that!
* he stands and eyes covered by his hair* sorry...

"grabs his hand" i don't mind, ulquiorra ^^ whats wrong about showing your feelings?
"grimjow and calypso spy by looking through the door, ulquiorra and ana lucia are acting different, "ulquiorra is lost in thought and stares at ana, ana acts serious like how ulquiorra acts"

oh boy... whats he doing????
its not right for us ... arrancars to show these...
emotions... or near hollow... * he whispers. his head is down*

....... i....know.... but you have strong feelings for me ,just i have for you..
grimmjow...why is ana acting like ukquiorra?

have u seen them?? they act alike ok!! no joke!
somtimes when im team up with i feel like im with 2 twins!!
* his face is straight* i know... but we cannot..
we cant show this.

ulquiorra, ........ those two shinigamis in theater....i heard that shingamis are not supose to show any emotions.....and look at them they're breaking rules.... i ...can't stop thinking about you,there not gonna go away but become even stronger....

yes i know.. i saw how they were being attracted...
*sighs* i know...but what if.. we have different ... i. * he hugs her*

your nervous, ulquiorra .... i think we should just go for it, who cares what the others think....i love you ulquiorra

* clears throat* mmmm... ur right... who cares...
ill beat the rats who think its wrong.. * kisses her lips deeply*
i kew it! *grimm whispers and goes walking*

"ulquiorra and ana lucia accidently fall on top of each other and are making out hardcore" grimmjow can i come with?"follows him, they come,to the beach but just aassume that ulquiorra and ana are just to teenagers so they heaad into the city

they are!!!! HEYYYY!!! *he follows*
wait wait!!!!! * he gasps!! what are we doing????
*he looks around* r we.. r we being watched??

grimmjow thats not them, uquiora has pale skin not peach , and thats not my sister she wouldn't ever do that leave those teenagers alone "drags grimmjow by the ear"

look! im not here to be proven being called stupid!!!!!
*snarls* im going back!!! i dont freaken no why im... im just so
FREAKEN BOREDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *echos*

that was close,thank god for gigais
"kisses him deeply"

* kisses and rubs her back* yea thank goodness... * can
barely talk while he kisses and moves around*

Just as they're about to go from kissing to the next step "they hear grimmjow and calypso coming back, well they're not here..."notice them" man they're reallygoing at it...hey they stopped...wait a minute you were right it is them "points at ther're eyes
* laughs hysterical* HAHA!!! WHOOO! ulquiorra!
i knew u were that kinda man!!! * smirks to calypso*
see told ya sooo!
* he looks mad* back off grimmjow. i dont
need or intend to argue about this!*rolls eyes*
oh ok i was wrong, "ana lucia stands behhind ulquiora"(note:they did not take thier swimsuits off)
whatt!!! hey ulquiorra if

oh ok i was wrong, "ana lucia stands behhind ulquiora"(note:they did not take thier swimsuits off)
whatt!!! hey ulquiorra if someone else catches u doing
this ur gonna be in a bigass hell!
im aware of that!
we had our swimsuits on
"keigo happens to walk by during this conversation, he sees a teenageboy and girl talking to nothing , he also wonders why they don't go to school(the teenagers are ulquiorra and analucia)"
*sighs* lucia... u want to go back???? im getting sick
of that guy staring!!! *points to keigo*