..... i don't follow some of the things he asks me... “grabs his hand”

what things do u mean? * the teacher told us to take our seats*
alright.. *he sits right behind her and rukia is looking right at him. a
deep stare*

i'll tell you after class ^^
hello? ur new here right? * she sits next to him*
* he jumps in suprise* yea.. we have the same classes??
yes we do. now where ya from?* she smiles*
here...*he smiles awkard*osaka...
and u??? * she looks at ana*
we're both from osaka,
i see. *she looks at ulquiorra* mmm u look
so simaluar..... * she gets close* mmmm!
* he looks calm*
well hope u like it here! after all many strange things
happen once and while.* she leaves and reads her book*
we have to watch out for this one.
ana? r u mad at me?

why would i be mad at you, you had to do what you did or he would have killed you, “whispered this in his ear” ^^

* he smiles* thank u for undestanding! * he winks at her*
* he looks around and people are getting their reading books out*
um... i hope i dont have to read... -___-

“opens book, its a manga” why c you can read right?“whispers in his ear”

yes i can... * opens book and looks around with his cute puppy
green eyes* everyone is quite!!SHHH! * the teacher says and she
looked angry*

man this teacher looks mean "whispers in his ear"

WITH THE EMO LOOK BE QUIET!! * everyone starts to laugh*
* he sighs angrly* mind if i kill him...

do you want to go to jail, thats a horrible place, bad things happen to the people who are there"whispers this in his ear"
"the teacher see that we are talking with each other"
* he sighs* ok u know more. * he looks so mad*
* he stands up angry and yells to the teach*
* the students laugh and laugh so hysterically* * the teacher
looked like she was about to die* GET OUT MY CLASSS BOTH OF U!!
GO THE OFFICE! * A guy says to us. "u guys r sooo cool*

....you had to say that...was that nessessary?
'we are walking down the hall, when we see shuhei who is skipping class"

she looked like she was gonna torture me the whole year!
and yes! heyy dont worry.. at least were popular!
* shuhei waves* nice way to tell the teach. * shuhei says and goes back*
see told u so? * ulqui says and grins*

.....correction you are , all the girls look at you, none of the guys look at me,i'm afraid i'm going to loose...you T^T

i dont like them. i like you. ur not girlie and sissy.*
he says and sits on the office*

that is true , looks at the wall, they have kendo here i'm joining that...you should to ^^ i don't think i'm popular,what makes you think i am? "looks at him"

fine i will too. * he smiles*
ohhh um.. that stupid shinigami looks at u. ichigo kurosaki.

thats just one person 'looks down at the ground"

ana u r soo clueless!! the football players
think ur freaken sexy. it gets me irrtated. there many
guys that look at u, ur like an alien. but in a better way.

...really? don't worry i love you and only you ulquiorra "kisses him deeply"

* he kisses back and holds on her neck*
* a freshmen just groans*

...."they hear the groan,and look at the kid who made the most oddest groan they have ever heard"
why must u do this here!!!!
*he had brown hair and nice hazel eyes*
why arent we allowed??? i thought this was
'a free country!
thats america!!!!!!

but isn't japan allies with amerca? "looks at the kid funny"

i dont give a damn just plzz!! * he whines* u guys r new?
wow and u got ur 1st tour in the oiffice? what do u guys do anyways?
we... the teacher is messed up thats all.

hey you look familiar.... did you go to the beach yesterday
didn't we see that guy at the beach? while we were making out? "whispers to ulquiora"
mmm...thats werid... u do.. look... mmm.. maybe..
my name is Keigo by the way.
*he whispers* yes it is! its that werid guy. play along)
Keigo? well im sasaki.. * the teachers from the office r staring and
called on a student to go see the princpal* whats gonna happen?
well me? i got here cause i was passing notes. it was
about someone so i got here.