Alright~ ill try~

-i start to walk around in the living world,alone, Staring up at the dark night sky. The wind blew harshly but i dident mind it, but my body shivers harshly. All i have on is a long T-Shirt that Ichigo alowwed me to wear, i also wear long baggy boy pajama pants that was white and it had blue ocean pattern at the bottom-
W-Where Do i g-go? - i said wrapping my arms around me, still walking- this is what the land of the living looks like "looks lost"

(oh just to let ya know i sometimes play has Ichigo or who ever)
N-Na-Nani? - i see you wondering who you are-

this isn't what ulquiorra told me-___- (earlier) ana all you have to do is find a shinigami and see how strong they are ......i don't see why hes not sending me ...

-cautiously walks up to you tapping your shoulder lightly-
U-Uhhmm....M-Maybe Y-You could help me...

ahhh i'm sorry ulquiorra i've failed you T^T "falls to her feet "isn' t paying attention

A-A...... hmmm - walks in front of you bending down patting your head gently-
Are you ok?

eh.....your not ulquiorra...

(wait wha~?) you know where i can find ....this person (shows you a poorly drawn picture of wonderwice)

Oh! i seen him a little bit ago when i was walking over here! hes right by.... - i freeze for a momment remembering when Ichigo said to be before i left- [Flash back]
Ichigo: Damnit Renee! Why couldn't you just stay in the soul society?!
Renee: I-Ichigo I-I!
Ichigo: Dont say a Damn word! just leave!
Renee: B-But..
Ichigo: LEAVE!
-comes back from the flash back with a very depressed look upon my face-
hes over there..... - points to a near by roof top-
ana: ...get your butt over here don't eat that butterfly! "runs after him"
wonderwice:"looks then eats the butterfly"
ana: ugh its black it could be poisonous T^T

-i flash step appearing next to you both-
Renee: What did it look like? maybe i know if it is poisonous or not.

-starts talking to myself-
at least i was able to help someone....for once... - starts walking again-
ana: it was black "stares" at wonderwice ....what are we gonna do with you wonderwice "shakes her head in disapproval"you can't speak T^T
wonderwice: wahhh?

Renee: Did it have some Red lines on its wings?

ana: i don't know he ate the whole darn thing...

Renee: if it did then its not poisonous.... but if its just Purr Black....The its poisonous. but since i am here i could heal him....
ana: "looks at wonderwice" see look what you did ate something poisonous ...your lucky that jackass grimmjow isn't here he'd laugh at you..
wonderwice: hawww?

-i place my hands in a X formation on my chest as energy forms around my hands-
Renee:C-Can you get him to lay down on his back p-please?
ana: i don't think so T^T

Renee: Hmmmmm does he like Candy? (i dont know Much about him )
ana: he likes bugs T^T

Renee: Well i have a candy that's in shape of a Butterfly...maybe i can get him to lay down by bribing him..
ana: i guess...

- i pull out the Candy holding it to his face then i point to the ground-
Come 'on if ya wanna live..
wonderwice:"grabs it and eats it."
ana: O.o

Renee: -has a blank look on face-;o;. . . . . .
ana: uh we should be leaving "grabs wonderwice"

W-Wait! U-Uhhh....i-is it possible i could stay the night over your house...? i am basically homeless now.....
ana:..uh i don't live here ..."looks at wonderwice" i'm sure you like this place ...but tousan wouldn't like it would he "smiles and pats his head"
wonderwice:smiles alittle

Renee: Please it doesnt matter where you live.... i just wanna get away from here and the Soul many memories now... - just noticing your outfits i realize your and Espada- W-What...damn i was stupid...but it doesnt matter anymore........................ - i glance up at you with a serious face- Where is Aizen.....?

ana: i'm sorry i can't "dissapears"

Renee: Damnit.... -i sit on the ledge of the building looking down at the ground-
i wonder what Ichigo is doing.....
karushi: eh...? hello miss renee ^-^
Renee: Oh.... Hello Karushi....

karushi: i heard you needed a place to stay , i'm sure ryo san will let you , she reads too many books ...

Renee: Yeah i do.... hm? heh alright i sleep at her place if she lets be.....but can you do me a favor?
karushi: sure ,,oh and my dear friend is there to ^^

Renee: Could you Give this Letter to Ichigo Kurosaki for me? Eh? and who my that be?

karushi: ok ^^ why hanatarou kun ^^

Renee: Thank you and Ohh! hehe Sorry my mind is a little off right now...
karushi: its alright ^^

Renee: do you know where ichigo lives?

karushi:..."thinks" no T^T

Renee: uhhh you see that sign on top of the house over there? -points to ichigos house- Thats where he lives.
karushi: ok "jumps to house, jumps onto ichigo'swindow sill" ICHIGO!!! YOU GOT MAIL tee hee

-Ichigo and Rukia where just in the middle of a fight and still going-
Rukia: You Such a Idiot you know that!
Ichigo: WHAT THE HELL!? no im not!!!
Rukia: Then Why did you have to make Renee run off like that! GOD! you know she just got cured and she is slowly gaining her memory back and you treat her with so much disrespect! she always risked her life on the line for you and this is how you treat her?!
Ichigo:. . . . . -speechless, then he looks to Karushi- Huh? from who?

karushi: who do you think tee hee "pulls letter away when ichigo tries to grab it"

Ichigo: Damnit i dont know~! -he trys to grab it but she keeps pulling away-
karushi: its from miss renee ^^

-Ichigo finally gets it after 15 minutes-
Ichigo: O-Oh.....- he opens it up to read the letter-......... - is reading what the letter said-

karushi: hey rukia long time no see you and hanatarou thought i was
dead ^^ but i am not tee hee

Rukia: Ehaha Thankfully your not dead
Ichigo:damn......shes so upset...

karushi: well..actually i have been stranded here for 2 years T^T

Rukia: Well we are happy your alive Karushi!

karushi: well i should be going "jumps of windw sill"

Rukia: Alright Bye Karushi.

karushi: ok i gave it to strawberry tee hee

Renee: Thank you so much Karushi....i wonder....
karushi:you wonderwhat...miss renee???

Renee: O-Oh its nothing to important

karushi: ...i know "stands" you like mr.ichigo ...right..

Renee: W-WHA?!!!!???! U-U mN-No W-Where just friend......- blushes heavily-
karushi: you obviously like....come on don't denie it...i'll admit it i like my dear friend hanatarou...

Renee: F-Fine.... i do have feelings for Ichigo....
karushi:...does miss rukia know???

Renee: Yes, she does
karushi: does she approve of your feelings for ichigo??

Renee: -nods as my get a devilish grin on my fave, some what like Gin's, my voice starts to double i look to you as my eyes look like hollows but the color is Blue- But I dont Need nobody!
-Black Aura blast from out beneath my feet-
karushi: .....if your tryin to scare me its not going to work "says with a straight face"

- the Aura goes into my eyes making my eyes go pitch black-
Renee: im not after you.... - slowly stands Flash Stepping towards ichigos house-
karushi: .....?
-i appear at ichigos Window placing my hand on the cold glass-
Renee: If only i could show you how much i liked you...
karushi: "sigh" i wish could tell him...
hanatarou: tell me what??
Ichigo: - he looks out the window seeing me- Renee!
Renee: - i breath on the window spelling "Im Sorry" on the window-
karushi:..nevermind ^^'
hanatarou:well...ok, karushi you know you can talk to me about anything .....

Rukia: Renee! - she runs to the window opening it up, but i pass out on her from being extremely cold and using alot of my energy to keep my self from killing anyone-

Rukia: Ichigo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -she sets me down in her bed in the closet. then she kicks Ichigos face-
Ichigo Aguh! D-Damn you!

-meanwhile in hueco mundo-
ana;curse you aizen, how dare you send this"looks at wonderwice" adorable child on a mission, scream
grimmjow: "starts laughing"

Aizen:. . . Well Ana,i thought you could have at least taught him the "wonders" of the living world.
ana: what the hell is that suppose to mean scream ...if that was a joke then your a cruel b*****d to make fun of him cause he can't talk...
"grimmjow laughs even harder"

Aizen: i am not makeing Fun of him, i dont expect him to talk since he is just a mer Child. and it was not a Joke. Grimmjow...... - he glares at him-
Ana: aizen there something that you intend for me to do that involves wonderwice..."stares at him with a straight face"

Aizen: Go do something with your life Grimmjow. Ana, Wonderwice is like a baby on the inside but hes appearance tell different. What do you think you do to help a child get to know things?

ana: are you saying that you want me to act as his older sister ....cause i reallly don't mind considering my own little sister has taken a liking to grimmjow --____--

Aizen: No, Be more like his Guardian.... Unless you wanna Help me...with something.
ana: i rather be his guardian then help you"points then walks away with wonderwice following"
grimmjow: HAHAHA AIZEN YOU GOT TOLD "starts laughing his butt off'

Aizen: looks like Grimmjow Will have to go to the Living world and get her for me.... - he glares at Grimmjow- and if you dont...... i make sure you wont get cat n** (im sorry i just had to put that in there xD)


Aizen: He is Busy....your the only one available right now..