ok ^^
'we leave when we are out of everyones sight"
keigo goes to tell ichigo and everyone else"
lucia ... r humans really that nosy????
what do you mean ulquiorra? "hugs him tightly"
i mean everyone... *looks around* humans... * he hugs her back*

i guess...why?
well... that werid looking human... just stared and left us..
and i was wondering... hes nosy???? o_o
um theres only one way to know..... sign up for either a rival school of his or goto his school with all the shinigami , what do you think , we could use fake names to since our gigais look different then our hollow selves ..... i bet they wouldn't recognize us ^^ , please?
* he freezez* WHAT! nooo noooo!!
i cant!!! i mean!! u craxzyy!!!! *he nods no fast*

ok suit yourself , ...

r u mad?? * says gently*

no i just think it would be more convient .... i mean ...

*sighs* they say... a man has to always put his women
before himself... fine... ill go.. to the school...*twitches* O_-

"next morning" class we have to new students were'd you say you were from?
oh we're from osaka ^^ , tell the class your names, well my name is kitana and this is..."whispers really quiet in his ear"make up a name ok? sorry hes really nervous

* the class is quiet and he glares at everyone*
why the should i tell you???
* the teacher laughs* ohhh sence of humor!!! sit down!
i know u r nervous but its ok!! ehehehehe!! *she scared how he looks*
*a student whispers* hes... very pale... o__O

ok uh kitana sit behind ....karusshi san ...and uh youcan sit i between kitana and hanatarou."they take thier "leans out of her seat and whispers," why didn't you make up a name, and why did glare at everyone? be nice. "ulquiorra notice that hanatarou is scared but hes just as scared as hanatarou is"

*he whispers* i hate everyone.....
*looks at hana* ??? *hana turns away*
* a girl loves ulquiorra and passes him a note*
what??? * he reads*

"looks him and laughs, then whispers in his ear" ulquiorra just go along with it, don't brake our cover plus we were once alive, we never got to experience this nows are chance so be nice"takes the note and writes on it and passes it back to the girl"
*sighs* fine... ill try.! * the girl walks to up to him
and slaps him* mmmm...mmm.. this brings back baddd mermoies!!
* he touches cheek* *the class laughs*
geez all i wrote was "i'm sorry but i'm already with someone"
"whispers in his ear" your talking about when orihime slapped you, right? i saw her do that i was walking by.T^T "takes her sushi out of a small plastic bag,then puts some ice in it and ties it " here this will help ^^ "whispers in his ear again" you need a fake name ulquiorra, do you want me to choose it for you? do you like aki or sasaki? "
"the girl who slapped him starts to glare at me" ulquiorra shes glaring at me "looks at the girl ,then turns around to talk to ulquiora" the girl sees the big hickey thats on her neck, while i'm stretching in my seat.
i like sasaki... i suppose.. * he touches his cheek*

what did u tell her!!!!!!

all i wrote was i'm sorry but i'm already with someone....

and she slapped me??? * he sighs* jeezz... humans...
* he makes a gag sound* im trying to feel comfeterble.

"lunch bell goes off" well sasaki , lets go to lunch"grabs his hand"
i'll share my lunch with you is that ok, sasaki? we'll eat on the roof ok?
"shuuhei walks by"

alright... * he walks with u*
i can see the shinigamis...
* shuhei just stares but walks away back to renji*

"we sit on the opposite side of the roof as the shinigami" "pager goes of"
hey we got a messege from aizen, and another from calypso,

messege from CALYPSO( hello ana how are you? our school is very big, grimmjow loves it here, he quite popular, he's already made lots of friends who share many of the same interests. i wasn't able to go to elementary they didn't have enough room. teacher just came in ..bye)

messge from AIZEN ( hello, we have overlooked your request to go undercover as students to keep a close eye on the shinigami, we have chosen to let you proceed with your plan , we have chosen 2 other espadas to join you, the rest of us shall stay here in hueco mundo tocreate our own plan, we have chosen two others to spy as well , sadly they weren' smart enough to get into kamakura h.s so they are atttending kamakura's rival school. we have decided that you shall stay in the world of the living for 3 years, have fun and good luck.^^ )

"we both look at each other , then we both look back at the messege"
threeee yeaassrrrrrrsss?!!!!!! * he falls* man aizen is
making my work even harder. anaaaa!!! i dont want us to stay sooollonggg@
i asked for a week
you know what aizen must really hate us.... don't worry, we have each other, hey aizen had another sentence on his messege!
AIZEN`S messege: (ps come back before the 3years and i'll kill you myself, have fun and luck )
* he glares at it blankly* what the helll......
hey im gonna die. * he stands and he stands in the edge of the roof*

ulquiorra....its not that bad ,
would if i told you grimmjow is here... “grabs his hand and finally gets him away from the edge” it won't be that bad, i mean you have me, did i mention we have a house?

yes i know. ur mine! * he hugs*
EHHH??? GRIMMJOW? great... i bet im gonna start a school
fight today.

oh he goes to kamakura's rival school,not this school

o thank god. * he sighs* hey um...
what r we gonna do all those 3 years anyways... try and kill the shinigamis??
* he clears his throat and girls keep looking at him*

well thats one thing, and there is just walking around to get to know our new home ^^ “kisses him on the check” “takes out to pairs of chopsticks” want to try some sushi sasaki?

alright. but im not gonna like it. i feel like
a mexican that just came to america. dont ask how i know.
*looks* sure!
* a red head walks up to him*um excuse me but r u 2 new here?

yes we just moved here from osaka, i'm kitana and this is sasaki.

* he chews slowly looking at the girl*
nice to meet u 2! i hope we get along well.
mind if i sit with u guys? * she smiles. she had long red hair
and blue eyes. she looked nice. 4 a human*

well actually we were just about to leave for our next class
ah i see! how rude of me! my name is
orihime inoue nice to meet u guys! *she smiles warmly*
* ulquiorra looked like a piece of stone* ori.hime..?
* he said and gulped*
yes! hi!!! wats wrong?
*he looked like bricks* huh huh....
i'm sorry we really got to be going "grabs ulquiorra and runs"
......what was that? you don't like me do you,ulquiorra ..."is looking at the ground"
ur crazy!! * he lins and kisses her* of course i love u.
its just u dont understand what i was going threw with her. it
suprises me that she doesnt noticed u knw. im sorry if i worried u.*
he hugs tightly*

i just want to know what happened all i know is that she slapped you in the face.what else went on.... i wouldlike to know
we should definitely avoid her...

hey she did that for a reason even though i holded on the pain..*rubs
cheek* relax i love u only doesnt mean ill go to her! its just complicated..

i want to know please, in the past you told me everything .

we'll talk later... right now lets go to our other class.. *bell rings*

mmm ok "doesn't look at him,he can tell shes upset"

ur mad at me arent u..*grabs her hand and looks at her with deep eyes* dont be mad.. i love u only u. i just got a little shock when i saw her doesnt
mean love at first sight. *kisses her lips softly*

will you tell me later then...wait you tell me now, please T^T

its just.. i used to abuse her. and thoughs thoughts
are coming back. i know. i know i have to ingore them. im trying,
please understand?

physically or........... sexually, oh god please don't say you ...
no not sexually.... aizen never ordered me too...
i just told her terrible things ... and by making her feel negative. and dead.
i used to force her to eat... and i was a monster... * he looks down at the
your not a monster to me, aizen's the monster! "hugs him tightly" were you forced to by aizen to do those things? 'they're talking bout this while they walk to thier next class"
we all had to obey him... i had no choice. he created us..
dont tell anyone .. but when grimmjow made his own decsions and how
he talked to aizen... amazed me.. * he sighs and opens the door for her*