grimmjow:..WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING scream IS HE WITH ANA..HE IS'"sees him down the hallway"

Aizen: Just go find this Girl and Bring her here!! - he trows a picture of Renee to him-

grimmjow: GODDAMIT scream

-Back in the living world-
Renee: G-God Damnit.... -looks around seeing she in Rukia's bed- i dont want to be here! -runs out of the closet seeing Ichigo just staring out the window-
Ichigo: -he looks to me with a sad look on his face- R-Renee.....i-im....
Renee: Ichigo Please......dont....

karushi: renee are you coming "is hanging from inside the ceiling"

Renee: Y-Yeah ill Just be a Sec!
Ichigo: W-Where are you going....?
Renee: Where else going back to the soul society....since i have to reason to be here anymore...

karushi: we're...not going there,
grimmjow: DAMN ...."looks at the poorly drawn picture of renee" WHY CAN'T AIZEN DRAW BETTER T^T

(sorry my computer was down for a while.)
Renee: O-Oh....where are we going then?

karushi: i told you ryo's house stare
grimmjow: s**t I'M LOST scream

Renee: O-oh.... Oh yeah! sorry i had forgotten....
Ichigo: -he grabs my hands- Renee..... Please dont leave me....
Renee: I-Ichi.....

karushi: aww this is so romantic"watches"
hanatarou:"climbs into the room from the windowsill" karushi..i'll probably will never understand.."sees ichigo&you" oh hello mr.ichigo..miss renee

-There is a huge blush on Ichigo's face-
Ichigo: the things i said earlier..... i should have never said them to you....i dident mean them....i-i.....
Renee: You.....?
Ichigo: I-I need you here.....with me....
Renee: -tears start running down my cheeks falling on Ichigo's leg- B-But Ichigo...I....
Ichigo: Please Renee! Forgive everything i have done to hurt you....i dont want you to and Rukia have change me. . . i have been more happier...

ana: geez we're only going to ryo's house sweatdrop
hanatarou:aww mr.ichigo is in love....i hope someday i'll.."stops"

Ichigo: Renee..... - he grabs both my arms and hugs me tightly, a huge blush is on my face as something in my pocket glows-
Renee: - i look to Karushi- is it possible ichigo could come with us?

karushi: but this ishis house...i guess we could surprise ryo sweatdrop

Renee: Yes i know...but i want Ichi too come too.

karushi:its up to him..

Renee: Ichi! Ichi! Come with us?
Ichigo: -she sighs happily- heh alright..

karushi: come on hanatarou ^^
hanatarou; coming
kon: ichigo ...wheres rukia...

Ichigo: Rukia is back at the soul society with her Division - he glares at Kon- Why do you wanna know <.<'
Renee: Hi Kon! - waves gently-

kon:nooo not my sweet rukia TT^TT

-Ichigo and Me slowly the exit the room him going firs and them he catches me placing me on the ground-
Renee: heh he likes my sister eh?
Ichigo: Yeah...he basically likes any girl...

karushi: ...i know "whistles"
konomi: hey karushi ..."sees kon" lion "grabs it and hugs it"
karushi: ok lets go "grabs hanatarous hand"
hanatarou:"his face turns pink"
grimmjow: WELL WELL WELL SO WE MET AGAIN KUROSAKI"laughs but gets punched in the face by karushi"

-Ichigo puts me behind him placeing his hand on my back-
Ichigo: Grimmjow......- he gets a very angry look on his face but it changes to shock when he see Karushi punch Grimmjow in the face-
Renee: He looks so....familiar....

grimmjow: "stares blankly"

Ichigo: Why are you here Grimmjow?!

grimmjow: none of your business-___- "goes back to huecomundo"

Ichigo: U-Uhh.....okay then.....

-meanwhile back at hueco mundo-
grimmjow: i'm back -____-

Aizen: -he was sleeping snoring as grimmjow came back- H-Huh? Did you Bring Back Renee?

grimmjow: no ....why do you want me to bring her.....if you want her go and get her yourself stare
ulquiorra: why do you always mess things up...
ulquiorra: grimmjow ana's not a **** stare

Aizen: God damn Espada's makeing me get off my chair...- he whispers to himself- Ill Be back later.....

grimmjow: how can you be that sure?
ulquiorra: because she is wise and doesn;t do that stuff that lolly and melony do ..shes different then every girl here. "yells this at grimmjow"
ana is smart ..she would never do that stuff ...please don't call her something shes not.."looks at the ground he is angry"
grimmjow: fine , if her sister found out that i called ana that she'll ...nevermind "walks away"

Aizen: -_-l'l - goes to the living world-

"ana stands behind the wall that leads into the room, she smiles"
ulquiorra: ana i know your there...

-Aizen is still in the living world-

ana: i heard it all..."looks down" thanks for defending me ulquiorra....
ulquiorra: hey thats what friends do"pats her head" cheer up ,i know your not that"smirks"

- Renee and Aizen Appear a few meters away from them as they apper to be clashing swards with each other, but Renee's eyes are completely black, her pupil is red her skin start to go black, 4 of her teeth are very very sharp like Vampire teeth-
Aizen: U-Ulquiorra! Ana! Get out of here! - Renee grins devilishly as she looks to them-