grimmjow... "b***h slaps him and then slams his door so hard the door comes off its hinges" "walks towards ulquiorra's room , when she sees him walking toward her"
* ulquiorra hears a scream* i suppose that was grimmjow..*
he rolls eyes* how may i help you? * he gets close to her*

i was wondering if.....we could just talk ...just like we use to...when we were arrancars?? is that alright?
yes.. come.. * he takes her hand and they enter his room*
sit here. * he sits in his bed* wats the matter?
...well it s just when i looked in your eyes you were ..... thinking about me and how wrong it was ..... "she's looking at the ground, her hair covers her eyes" you blinked cause you were trying to read my mind weren't you?
* he pauses* i always try to see what ur thinking. its hard
sometimes... but i never said its wrong. * he pushes her hair aside*
tell me.. how much do u care for me? * he closes his eyes and then opens*

I have had feelings for you for a long time... i have strange visions when i sleep, your always in them.....i worry about you alot after seeing what happened to apollo grants i don't want to end up like that or the other 3 espadas that we killed, i really don't want to loose you like that day we lost our lives in the world of the living.
* he pats her hand softly* i know what happen to us.. i dont
want to remeber the living. thats not going to happen. the people that try
to hurt us will be the ones ending in hell. i dont mind doing that so to someone
ingorant who tries to touch us. * he looks at her* i know that u feel...
those feelings for me.. sometimes i just dont know why i live.. i feel like ur my journey.
"walks over to him and sits next to him on his bed, and grabs his hand"
noone here understands how close we really are as friends"stares at thier hands"

of course... the world is is ******** up all we know about..
*he stops and looks too* my hands are bigger then urs. * he teases a little*
"laughs" well mine are smaller"still laughing"

well a mans hand is bigger then a womans.
woman are tiny... * he folds his hand to hers* so tiny... * he moves hand friendly*
"they both start laughing" "grimmjow hears it from his room"
* grimmjow pounds the wall. since their next door*
* he laughs at that and falls over the side of his bed*
shhhhh!!!! * he looked cute. it was hard to see him enjoy himself*

"laughs with him" are you lonely down there? "still laughing"
ki-kinda! *he stands and jumps in the bed*
* he pounds on grimmjow's wall*
I KNOW ITS U GREEN FACE! * he pounds so hard he falls again*
* he laughs and can hardly talk* we have.. to.. b-b-be
careful he doesnt brake the walls!!
i have an idea , whats that grimmjow we can't hear you ?
* calms down all of the sudden and hes serious again*
Well ur talking to me arent you???
oh yeah , ulquiorra you also were the funny one between the two of us. i remembr that onetime when apollo grantz triped on that banana peel and saw that you were the who put it there , and he chased you and then fell down those stairs i laughed every time i saw him (happened when ulquiorra was an arrancar)
u still remeber that? * he smirks* yea syzel was the type to mess
with u. u too grimmjow.... and thank goodness we r talking behind a wall.
* he lays on his bed chuckling a little*
* grimmjow burts out laughing* oh yes! lol
stupid pinko!!!
i have a really good memory "points to her forehead"^^
well i guess i should be heading to my room. "leaves then ulquiorra hears ana lucia ,"
grimmjow ! what are you doing in MY room, fine , i'll sleep somewhere else, i'll be taking these "steals the sheets and pillow"
"knocks on ulquiorra's door"
yea thats right SCRAM!!! * he snarls and then sweetly says*
good night! xD
* he opens the door and smiles gently*
i guess ill need company... not that i mind... where would u like to sleep?
* he whispers like the wind*
well i guess the cold floor unless you don't mind sharing your bed.
i really don't like myroom, everynight i hear strange haunted sounds..
i was gonna ask ... but i dont know what you might have thought.
sure. * he closes the window and its dark. the only thing lighting was his
beautiful green eyes*
make ur self comfy. * he turns a little light on and unbuttons his coat*
i don't mind ,ask . "sits next to him and takes of hershoes, he notices that she wears her normal outfit (espada outfit) "they hear grimmjow sream from hearing the noises"
just just * he sighs in a laugh* INGORE!!!
u look good on that... * he is shirtless and puts his katana away and his
shoes.* i just want to let u know.. that i sleep with nothing on. * he
says like theres nothing wrong*
HOLYSHIT!!!!! * they grimmjow stomping and here a kicking
"when he mentions this , she falls of the bed, a few minutes before grimmjow kicks the door open'
[i was gonna say goodnight.* he puts a coat on* get out!
* he kicks grimmjow out and grimmjow comes freaked out*
aghh... i saw a bug... thought it was a freaken spider
stupid cocrachara. hey... why is she sleeping with you?? wow!
i didnt even think u were that kinda man....
you ingorant moron she's ASLEEP. i aint THAT kind
of men.. i dont hurt women in that way... just go to sleep.
watever. but if i hear noises and banging ILL
* rolls eyes* hmph. like thats ever gonna work.
sweet nightmares my friend
you too.

"shegets up from the floor" don't worry grimmjow the only noises you'll hear are the screams of noitara that are in my room! "he closes the door" ......just for tonight can you please wear you hakama... "her face is red from what he told her"
please ulquiorra?
aghhhh ghosssttttsss!! * he goes to room and is quiet*
uh.. sure i suppose. i dont whats wrong with
the body. its nature... but if it makes u happy alright. i respect that.
* he puts on his hakama* no peeking... * he says in a gasp* O.O
"she gets back onthe bed andfalls asleep, ulquiorra lies down behind her and wraps his arms around her waist and fallsasleep"
-meanwhile in the world of the living-
that was so freaken werid!!! * renji says while everyone
on their pjs. they were sleeping over kisukes house and drinking tea and
i know.... theres espada love going around..
and its SPREADING!!!!!!!! *hisses at shuhei while his hand is trying
to touch her legs*
love? hmph. the movies
was not so bad, now u know to always be alert!
im just glad everyone is alive! *hana says and sips on
his tea and eats a donut*

think it was rivalry..
wonder what those were saying?
same here! * hana yawns.* i think i needdd sleeepp!-__-;;
we win everytime!! *sings and is playing cards with

[ meanwhile back in hueco mundo]
ulquiorra?“Waking up, he is hugging her tightly in his sleep, but wakes when he hears her voice”
* he groans and puts his arm over his for head and looks at
her* what? * he asks in a whisper*
uh.... has any of the girls here , advantage on you, ....if they find out that you , well uh, sleep in the way you usually do, thenthey will try to take adavantage of you while you sleep, my friend eris, his brother orchous use to sleep with nothing on, and every single girl here took advantage of him, he still never sleeps or goes into his room now. my cousin and sister and i were the only ones who weren't involved (gives hera horrifyed look, that says they do that)(the girls don't know he sleeps that way)
mmmm... we do have some like that.. u see there many kinds
of girls who either think like that and others who think the body is beautiful
and its no big deal. i think its no big deal. i was naked as hollow. *he laughs
a little* dont worry the girls here dont even dare to come close to me.
its how my personality is... they stay away. * he smiles a little* i dont
really like our women here. expect u. ur different and wiser. * genlty touches her
face.* dont be scared. * he hugs her*

why would i be scared, ulquiorra? "hugs him, while he's hugging her"
ulquiorra , have you ever been to the ocean?
if something happens to me...
*thinks* i ve seen but no i havent been on it, u wanna go?*rubs back*
well actually i go every morning before the sun rises,i was wondering ifyou wanted go, ulquiorra? if you want to go then......we have to go now.. but before we leave i have a confession to make ulquiorra......last time we went to the soul society ...i stole to gigais ,
u stole ....2 gigais.... u baddddd girl. u shall be excuted by me
and ill have ur head hanged on my wall! *he laughs* im kidding.
ok i suppose lets use those! ur very clever.... i like that... * nod*
"goes to get them, and comes back with them" heres the other one . "hands him it"
we better hurry before grimmjow wakes up...

.... can't we just wear the clothes we wore in the theater

sure of course. hey r u ok??? u look pretty grh egh agh! *laughs*

..... "looks at him" i'm fine ^^ alright? "laughs"

im fine! * puts on his clothes* alright. im ready! this
black shirt gets in me pretty tight! ow.

"We leave huecomundo, and eventually get to the beach, we stand together watching the sunrise, ulquiorra , isn't pretty?
"grimmjow wakes up and notices that the closet is open."
AHHHhhh...*stops and clears throat* whats the use!!!
*he falls in his bed and thinks* ill just wait till they come back.