konichiwa my name is Ana Lucia, (ana Rushia)

I am an espada that is not well known .

how i got to Hueco Mundo .... I ..don't really know

in life i was adopted into a family who once had a little girl named...sorry

i don't remember her name .... uh..anyways i don't remember how i died and how my future came to this...

arrancar walks in" ulquiorra..grimmjow ,,which one of you two morons messed with my zanpacto huh??? huh?? oh i see how it is ...what didyou do too it "your gonna tell me or i'll get aizen to torture you plus he never gave you orders to come here you idiots "grabs them both by the ears and drags them into a warp that leads to hueco mundo ."warp closes"[ closes"
every one is puzzled"
i forgive you.
so i met this japanese exchange student name musashi Kobayashi and he gave me his cell phone #
and this little freshman was like freakin out because she was like really obssessed over him, she wrote in this card that the whole class was signing and she wrote i love you
i thought it was hilarious when she freaking out when Musashi was giving me his cell phone #