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i do a commission, i want a chibi couple pic of ulquiorra and my oc ana lucia
i'll send a reference pic of her^^

across haunted shores to worlds end get jack back...

but first you will need a captain


was the movie very good??

icame up with ariadnes technique i came up with it like right before i fell aslep

she stops time and she kills her victims while they are frozen in place watching her, then after she kills themshe unfreezes time, and she also has mind control which is her secondary technique

grimmjow: "is talking to nakiem,ilfort,shalon,d-roy &another arrancar" We will meet back here in an hour. "grimmjow then walks away the others do the same"
Ariadne: ........your goin with em ....aren't you...d-roy?
d-roy: .....yah ...i am
ariadne: please don't go , d-roy...your not ready to fight the shinigami .....your aren't strongg enough...yet
d-roy: ......i'm sorry, if i was able to bail out......but grimmjow thinks i'm ready ......... if i die, i want you to know i will be right here "points at where her heart would have been"
ariadne: there something you mean to say? "stands infront of a walll"
d-roy: ...i.....i..i....i love you ariadne"kisses her intensely"
ariadne: i..i love you too "whispers in his ear, then kisses him intensely"
grimmjow: "walks by " you have half an hour"yells, d-roy doesn't hear him"
d-roy: "kisses her intensely"
ariadne: "kisses him intensely while she grabs the doorknob and turns it"
d-roy: "kisses her intensely , lays her on the bed,and gets on top of her"
ariadne: i love you d-roy"kisses him intensely"
d-roy: "smiles" i love you too, ariadne"quickl takes his coat off then kisses her intensely"
ariadne: "kisses him intensely"
d-roy: yourso darn cute ariadne"kisses her neck and up to her lips"
ariadne: "continues to kiss him intensely "
d-roy: "is about to take his hakama off when grimmjow kicks the door open"
grimmjow:times up "grabs d-roy by the foot and drags him away"

because got stronger by training, and because i had to share that rank but noitara made me cover my number and i didn't want to so i just acted as a fraccion so ulquiorra made me his fraccion until noitara got killed so i could take his place "smirks"

like i was saying ulquiorra and ana lucia are really close friends , they have known each other ever since they were about 2 years ld ,when they were still alive.

they also died together, they died very young, had the same COD.

oh yeah and she accidently falls for him

my character is like really really close friends with him,

ok ^^

"stabs him right in the heart ,he falls the ground dead"

lets go back before more come ^^ "creates a hole in the sceanery and we walk in'

thank you so much ulquiorrra for coming with me it meant alot to me ^3^ "kisse your cheek"

you think its cute?? so do I

in the ulquiorra video i'm making its gonna be like "number 6 the playground" then it shows ulquiorra go down the slide and hes says wee but hes says it with a straight face

(i made my point, espada's&arrancars were once regular hollows which were once souls that were turned into hollows which were once human do you get what i'm saying"

we 're gonna name 40 places that ulquiorra shouldn't be (me and my friend al kun are making it )

various other pics i'm gonna do

-ulquiorra carrying ana on his back (piggyback in a way, got this idea from xxgrimmjowxx in our comment rp)

-ana kissing ulquiorra (ulquiorra's gonna have pizza sauce and crust on his face this idea came from my rp with a friend rukia hell shinigami)

mainly because of the drawing i want to do of ana having strings like a puppet with either aizen or ulquiorra controling her 3nodding