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Daine's Journal
A collection of stories, thoughts, wanderings, and a bunch of fictional writing. A place to develop my characters or just think out loud... You'll never know what may be true or not.
What went wrong?
I wish I understood. I wish I knew what I had done wrong or what went wrong.

I am screaming inside and crying constantly. I am scared and shaking. I know this can't be permanent, I know you can't mean it really. I know you can't be gone forever.

Look at the pictures. Look at the joy we've had.

What happened?

I have journaled and thought. I have cried and screamed and gotten quiet. I have learned so much more in the past twenty four hours than I thought possible.

What am I to do without your undying support? What I am to do without you guiding me? Why?
Please God, WHY?

The anguish, the pain, the uncontrollable heartbreak and I can't understand it.

Do you really not love me? I can't believe it and you can't say it. I need you! WHY? WHY?? WHY???

Was it something I've done or haven't done? What made you come to this conclusion? Why can't you write or call or give me some sign you're still thinking about me?

Is it as painful for you as it is for me? Or are you relieved?

Do you no longer care? Or is your heart breaking too?

Do you reach for the phone half a dozen times, then pull back, knowing that if you can't try now, that it won't work in the end?

Do you remember the last time we tried to take a break? Do you remember how much closer we got?

I'm sorry! I've learned and learned. PLEASE come back now.

You aren't online, I can't call you until you show me you have had enough space. I don't want to intrude, yet you're covering all my thoughts. I can't think, breathe, eat, or sleep without you taking up 90% of all of it.

I can't watch a movie without missing you. I can't think of the future without dying a little inside.

It can't really be over? Can it? I can't believe that. We were so happy. We were perfect two days before this. What changed? What changed?

I need you so much. I need your support. I need to know what you're doing and thinking. I need you. Only you. I just need you. I need what you can give me and I'll be satisfied with that. No more pressure no more talking no more convincing.

Just please come back. Please contact me. Please, please, please...give me back that part of me that you took when you drove away.

Please. I'm broken inside. I'm aching. I'm slowly dying with each passing heart beat. I need you back to make me whole.

I need you. I love you. I can't stand this. Two people so in love should not be separated because of hardships. You do love me, don't you? I can see that you do. You always have, more than I have ever been able to show you. I need that back.

I'm an empty shell, trying to forget, but every day it gets harder and harder. What am I to do? Where am I to go? I love you, I love you, I love you.

I'm screaming, I'm drowning, I'm lost, I'm confused.
Why aren't you here holding me? Why aren't you taking the hurt away? Why? Why? WHY?

Give me back that night. Give me back our perfect nights, our perfect dates, our days together. Bring it back to me. Please.

Please, oh God, please, take this away. Make this some horribel nitemare. This wasn't supposed to happen. Not to us. Not now. I love him too much. I can't do this. I can't go on.

I can. I must. He must come back. He has to come back. We can't end like this. We can't. Time will pass and he will come back because he does love me and true love doesn't end like this. Please.

Oh God, let me be right.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Sat Jun 30, 2007 @ 02:36am
I hope everything will turn out okay. I can't give you a "Everything will be fine" speech. . . for I have never been in love let alone a situation such as yours. But I can give you my condolences and my hope that things work out for you hun.

commentCommented on: Wed Nov 21, 2007 @ 04:56pm
OMG, did this guy u love do that to u?
omg thats so horrible. no one should ever go through that kind of pain, it hurts way to much.

i would consider you making a nice cup of hot coacoa, and watch the steam arise from the cupp, while you cover urself in a nice warm blanket, with the softest touch.

I really hope u feel better.

Love: B.J. A.K.A Krul_is_my_name

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Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Dec 02, 2007 @ 10:17pm

Angelbabygrl banned D:
If you know me add me
commentCommented on: Wed Dec 12, 2007 @ 04:35am
My kin, in your pain you are not alone.

Xiphium Iris
Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Jan 13, 2008 @ 09:42pm

-is about to cry but remembers you guys got back together so chokes it back-

Wow, I can't believe it was that bad.. I am so glad you got through it.

With God's help, you can do ANYTHING.

commentCommented on: Sun Jan 13, 2008 @ 10:27pm

Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Jan 29, 2008 @ 03:38am
eek What happened, did he do that to you? are you still together

commentCommented on: Mon Feb 18, 2008 @ 09:31pm
taht guy is stupid!!!! burning_eyes

Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Mar 18, 2008 @ 12:49am
I feel so bad for you. crying

commentCommented on: Mon Jun 30, 2008 @ 03:31am
ye gods and little fishes! I could never post my emotions so... I may write poetry, but that is differant, and distant.. to post this shows you are very comfortable with yourself

Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Jul 06, 2008 @ 03:26am
to calm my nerves, deep breathing and ice cream always works for me.

commentCommented on: Tue Jun 26, 2012 @ 06:02am
Just take a deep breath and try to relax just no that if he really loves you he will come bak to u in a heart beat. Thats wat true love is all about adn u both r truly madly in love with eachother i really hope everything will be ok ive been through this and its tough but i know that you are a strong pereson and you can get through anything so stay positive and hope for the best

Kokorai Chan
Community Member
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