• I had fallen in love all over again
    Or so I thought.
    My heart trembled when he would touch my hands,
    When he would grab my waist. Oh! Sweet bittersweet love!
    His eyes intensified with mine as we spoke like friends yet yearned for each other on the inside.
    Our love was a whisper that only he and I could hear.
    Our voices said “hello”, but our eyes moaned “hello!”
    We were nothing but friends in the eyes of others.
    We were two scorpions lusting for each other with passion.
    Oh, how did it ever happen?
    Such sweet bliss.
    The moment we kissed changed everything.
    I became his little devil and he became mine.
    We were in flames!
    Until, two stingers became overwhelming.
    The flames became hellfire,
    The passion burned all.
    And everything remained silent
    As the two scorpions limped away,
    Secretly in fear,
    As if nothing ever happened.