• "You're a writer not a fighter,"
    Pah! Why can't I be both?
    Labels are for the narrow minded,
    And my mind is as vast as the solar system.
    It holds all the thoughts I can't stop
    Thinking and dreaming of.
    The words that pour from my fingertips,
    All reside up there, in my own little world.

    So don't tell me I'm weak
    I have a universe in my mind.
    Don't tell me I'm useless,
    I create worlds from words
    Laughter and joy from a sentence
    Tearing down lives in a mere second.

    My passive aggressive writing skills
    Come rolling down the hill of my mind,
    Spreading and showing all things in harsh rhymes.
    Pulling the curtains and parading signs
    Of all the lies people have told
    Serving justice and picking apart
    The lives of the liars.

    So don't tell me I'm weak
    Or won't do s**t
    I'm the master of ruining
    Destroying and screwing
    You over and over and over again
    And you won't even see
    Won't even know
    What just hit you.

    I'm a writer and a fighter
    Of the highest caliber
    Don't talk s**t to me
    With or about me
    For I light fires in minds
    Inspire people's hands
    My heart moves people into action
    With a simple thing called words.

    My words destroy lives
    And bring about liars demise.
    My passion brings laughter
    And joy to those who believe
    In my highest power of prose
    I am a fighter
    And a damn good writer