• Don’t Jump

    The stagnant air stings my silent throat.
    I try to swallow but my mouth is still so dry.
    My lips are chapped, and eyes stay blank.
    I am pale as a ghost as I begin to cry.
    I knew all along that it would end this way.
    I never had but a solitary doubt.
    But the reality is still too hard to bear.
    Even though I, myself, chose this route.
    The cold wind whips through my unkempt hair.
    And a single sparkling raindrop lands gently,
    It rolls down my cheek, and blends with the tears.
    More drops land ‘round me, they fall more intently.
    I stare towards the heavens as the drizzle continues.
    And wonder if I will ever arrive way up there.
    I know that the answer will be with me soon.
    So I take one last breath of the crisp, stale air.
    I ready myself, I look straight ahead.
    I know that I will have to succumb.
    So I close my eyes tight,
    And I jump.
    Yes, I jump.