• When you first saw someone, what did you do?
    In school people were classified and put in a place in the student Hierarchy,
    The popular people always picking on the nerds and socially awkward,
    Those who were weak and different were also weeded out and bullied relentlessly,
    I have experienced this firsthand and it is still an unfortunate memory I cling to,
    Your past is a troubling thing,
    You want to forget things but you can't because if you do,
    You may make the same mistake again,
    I experienced the bullying and isolation in elementary those long 7 years,
    Yes, it even happens in Kindergarten,
    Even after school people are put through similar situations,
    Before some people even talk to you they start spreading gossip,
    Some even start nasty rumors and make fun of you behind your back,
    Even one's friends have been known to do this,
    It's problematic because if you ask them about it they will say "it was just a joke!"
    Is it a joke? Because if it is, I'm not laughing,
    If it's a joke, say it to my face instead of behind my back like a coward,
    If you can't, then why would you say it then?
    It's not just troublesome but hurtful,
    Truth is you have no right to judge anyone before you get to know them,
    Its stuff like this that makes us what we are to this day and changed who we are,
    People are like books, the cover only tells part of the story,
    It's not until you open them and read their story behind whom they are,
    That you find out why they are the way they are to this day.