• I’m caught in the cross again,
    Being ripped in half
    These howling winds tear at my face
    And leave me completely defenseless for al l to see
    My faults and weaknesses,
    My anger and pain,
    My unfaithfulness in my heart
    To one I thought I could love, Could trust for the rest of my life

    Swept in with the winds of change
    These emotions of different colors
    Show through the lead-laden clouds
    I haven’t felt this way
    Since I lost you again
    Ripping my own heart apart and telling you to let go
    My mistake is not one I’d repeat
    If I got another chance
    But we both know
    I’m a fool for wishing upon a star
    A wisher for thinking such things

    Thank you
    For showing me who I am
    Who I can be
    And who I never will be.