• i always wish that i was dead
    sometimes i'll pull a gun to my head
    i cant help but see what you have done
    and each bullet holds a meaning in this gun
    i sob as roughly as i ever could
    i want you to see, cause god knows you should
    pink ribbon scars circle my arm
    mainly i know that you wont really be alarmed
    one day you speak up and ask whats wrong
    and i glared at you cause its been this way all along
    'i loved you more then i ever should.
    when i wanted to cry, infront of you i stood.
    i hate myself when i talk to you
    you spit nasty words at me and i know theyre all true."
    you roll your eyes harshly at me
    you walk away and then its easy to see
    that your the one thats done this to me.