• I don't understand
    why we are here
    all that I see
    is one single tear

    I will find my answer
    and see where it leads
    will i find true happiness
    will i fulfill a lost need

    how do I find happiness
    i don't know what to do
    my mind is blank
    where do I find you

    it's not that I'm sad
    I just feel unfulfilled
    like that jumpy happy feeling
    had just been silently stilled

    did my happiness run away
    to a faraway place
    is it hiding from me
    is that really the case

    where did it go
    what do I do
    where do i search
    but I think I already knew

    here i have found it
    in the back of my brain
    has it been hiding
    from all of this pain

    with this i have found it
    it had taken a while
    i can finally FEEL happy
    from my heart i can smile

    i finally understand
    the answer to why we are here
    my heart is no longer empty
    and my outcome is clear

    my journey is almost over
    but if you still don't understand
    take happiness in your grasp
    and experience it firsthand