• From a distance i here a rumble soft yet faint
    A pitter patter of rain drops
    Which patter on my window pain
    The wind so wild and gusty
    Rattels through the house
    A roar like a lion bellows with such a force
    Oh i do love winter
    This stormy weather
    I lay in bed
    And here the thunder rumbling over head
    It chills the spine
    Exsites the mind
    I count to one hundred
    Before the next bang
    Oh the beautiful colours
    Of the lightning as it flashes
    Its all so beautiful
    I feel the vibrations on the ground as the next rumble comes around
    How exsited am i
    Yet seacretly i want to cry
    See the truth is im frightened of the thunder and lightning
    Im shivering really im underneath the covers
    Praying that zombies dont get me
    I no its all in my mind
    It seems so real to me
    I keep checking to make sure they dont get in
    I cry and cry before i no it
    It seems like a long time shhhhhhhhh listen the thunderstorms over
    Its morrning pheeewwwwww its about bloody time
    i survived this time