• When dreams become reality
    and reality becomes dreams
    what are you to do

    Lost in a sea of darkness
    looking for a way out
    treding through the dark waters
    trying to just stay afloat

    You trip and fall
    you think you lost it all
    in this warped dream
    where light is dark, and dark is light

    The bad thing about dreams
    is that it's so easy
    for them to turn into nightmares

    Now you're trapped
    and you can no longer tell
    whether you're awake or asleep

    This nightmare seems
    to go on for eternity
    with no begining
    and no end

    I see you sitting in the corner
    your knees drawn to your chest
    you look up at me
    and scream save me

    I'm soory
    but I can't save you
    I can't even save myself
    from this dream

    A bright light flashes on and off
    blinding you
    you stumble and you fall
    down and down you go
    you feel like you're never going to stop

    you're jerked back up
    you look around to see
    just who it is that saved you
    but no one's there
    you're all alone

    I think I've figured out
    just how to beat this dream
    the only way to end it
    is to stand up and fight

    I struggle to stand up
    I see you standing across from me
    you offer me your hand
    and help me stand

    It looks like
    you're the one saving me
    from myself

    When dreams become reality
    and reality becomes dreams
    will you fall
    or will you stand tall