• Dearest Brother,

    Do you remember
    when we were just little kids,
    and you promised that one day
    it would be all better?

    That Mom and Dad
    would stop drinking
    and finally figure out
    that we needed them,

    Do you remember
    when you and Big Bro 2
    got to that age when you
    stopped thinking upstairs,
    and starting thinking
    with your pants zipper poised,
    halfway ready for a quick fix?

    Neither of them saw
    what was happening
    right under their noses,
    that were hovering over, eagerly,
    that sweet, sweet
    angel dust.

    Do you remember
    when they left us 3 home,
    off to find a fix
    just like you,
    as I was guided back
    to view Dad's secret collection?

    They were busy,
    and I all alone...
    heart pounding as that sinking feeling
    crawled into my gut.

    Do you remember
    how you just popped in that tape,
    whispering, the both of you,
    in my ear
    that you wanted me
    to do those things with you?

    I'm sure you don't...
    But I do.
    Especially what happened
    when I refused.

    Do you remember, Dearest Brother,
    what you did to me that day,
    and the many to follow?
    Do you remember the reasons
    I don't like to be alone in a room
    with you?

    I'm sure you don't...
    But I do.
    Oh, I do...
    Like it was just yesterday.