• No tears will leave these eyes
    No matter how hard he tries
    For dead boys can't cry
    Though they feel still
    They can never be allowed to live
    Thats what the people told me
    So I came to the conclusion
    when you never were you can never be
    So you see I knew I was dead inside
    The pain I felt inside cause my cheeks
    Remain dry leaves my body cold I feel as
    If all I hold is warm as I remain numb
    I've been put down and tossed around
    Forsaken beaten and left bleeding
    But still I am left with no tears
    Just wounds that have been yet to heal
    I travel through this world as a ghost
    unseen and hardly missed
    I ask Is this it? Am I never to know nothing more?
    But one thing I know dead boys don't cry
    Looking towards heaven those words
    in mind a single drop hits my eye
    As the water follows down I realize I'm not dead yet