• Corruption's my name! I will infiltrate
    Never the same and not sedate
    Destruction within us/ Surrounding! Con-foun-ding!
    Never appreciate the sound!/ Let the migrane pound!

    Sick, sadistic, but simplistic
    entropic heart, but the mind's logistic
    take all your claims and throw them aside!
    it always comes with the tide!
    coursing nourishment! encourage it!
    Calling card's a conniption fit!
    Suffer!- The hand of God's illegible
    Cover!-everything incredible
    Step back I can never understand
    Your throat is filled with sand!

    Say something sweet to me!
    Scream something! Anything!
    Break off and take me for a God!
    Or say that Im real!
    I~!(lay all my fears to rest)
    I~!(just want to be your pest)
    I~!(see somethin sick in you)
    I~!(didnt know what I got into!)