• Silence...the knell rings softly,breaking the whispers of the dead
    like a trance,my feet carries me at their call..
    are these my last steps?
    That which sounds so peaceful
    could actually be so grim
    as to announce a dead mans path
    It is a bell we all must hear
    for it is a walk we all must take
    to meet our maker
    "Hark,be peaceful,dear child"
    it'd tells me
    if a Knell had words to say
    "it is your time to go
    to rest
    on this day"

    and flesh
    and bone..
    All one day fade to dust
    whether six feet beneath the earth
    or on its upper crust
    We all must die
    it is the way
    of life and its great plan
    ....but what I wouldn't give for a little more time on this land...