• Leave her where she lay.
    Broken, with a tear stained face.
    Hit her,
    Show her she was a mistake.
    Prove it to her.
    Prove that she is unwanted.
    Prove to her that she is worthless.

    Tell her you love her.
    Earn your daughters trust.
    Then lose it.
    Slap her face,
    Twist her wrist.
    Leave her with bruises.

    Scream in her ear.
    She's worthless anyway,

    Let her wear that mask.
    Let her hide the pain.
    You didn't do anything wrong to her.
    She's just overreacting.
    It's okay.
    You just showed her tough love.
    No harm done.

    You have no clue
    What you did to that poor child.
    Who knows what she will grow up to be.
    You'll learn though.
    You'll find out.
    She'll get back at you,
    For all of the abuse.
    You'll find out that it's you,
    Who is worthless.