• Feeling of fullness
    You can feel the time lag in the palm of our hands
    Something deep

    When suffering is over
    There is a void to fill
    Something that will go with the future to rebuild

    We feel his body become relaxed and free
    More links or chain to keep us
    We feel emotions again has the beautiful and serene.
    A red lotus blossom.

    Something in me is awakened
    As one grows a tree that's growing demand in all its splendor and strength.
    Something is changing in the depth of me as a divine calling
    I feel in the pit of my stomach that this transformation mixes with my emotions
    I feel in the pit of my stomach a satiety as if I had to make a cocoon
    I feel calm in my body and heat deep within myself
    I feel a kind of sleep came on me as a sort of quiet retirement
    I can feel deep inside that sweet mutation

    I'm not afraid of tomorrow and lose myself
    I no longer fits into the game of mental and anger
    I fall asleep inside me like a second birth next
    I await my awakening
    Waiting to have my Wings pushing for a day I take my flight to freedom
    I feel my body change like a caterpillar that will become a butterfly
    I hear that voice that tells me everything will be fine
    I expect that my time finally comes
    So that I can finally reveal what I am really
    For me to shine until the end of time

    I feel deep in my heart as a gentle and so much love to give the whole world
    Now is the time of processing