• Still Doll

    By Kanon Wakeshima

    Lyrics (English Vers.) :

    Hi Miss Alice
    I wonder what you can see
    Through those two glass eyes of yours
    Can you see yourself?
    Or, can you see me?

    Once again my heart
    Has taken all it can bear
    Of these memories
    If I could forget
    Then I could start a new life
    Can you feel my pain?

    Hi Miss Alice
    With painted ruby-red lips
    How I wish that smile were mine
    Please, smile for me.
    Give your smile to me

    Already I can feel the weight of the world
    Pressing down on me
    I can't find my voice to sing that one final song
    Will you sing instead?

    Still, you do not answer.
    Still, you do not answer.

    (By the way I don't own anything about this song. Its just a translation for Alice =] )

    Lyrics (Japanese Vers.) :

    Hi, miss Alice
    Anata garasu no
    Me de donna yume wo
    Mirareru no?
    Mirareru no?

    Mada atashi
    Kokoro ga sakete

    Sukima ni sasaru

    Hi, miss Alice
    Anata ga jitsu no
    Kuchi de dare ni ai wa
    Nageteru no?
    Nageteru no?

    Mou atashi
    Kotoba o tsumaku
    Shita no netsu

    Same kitte
    Meteru outamo
    Utae nai

    Still, you do not answer
    Still, you do not answer

    (This is like sound-out on Japanese if you wanna sing along =] )

    (Again, I don't own anything. This is just for my friend Alice =] )