• Some days just never end...do they?
    All you do is sit there..counting seconds not knowing that...theres no end to this story
    One.two.three.a tear falls for each moment that passes
    Each word never spoken
    Each story untold

    Some days all you can do is nothing at all...
    To weak to speak
    To tired to think
    To broken to care

    No one around you even knows that your there
    Just another face in the crowd
    Nothing inside
    Nothing to be told

    Some days all you can do is cry
    Just sit there...doing nothing at all
    If you don't care...
    Then why should I?

    Each person has a purpose
    Each word has a meaning
    Each step...is the start of something much bigger

    Not knowing what lies ahead may be scary
    But when you get there...its worth it all

    Worth all the pain
    Worth all the sacrifice
    Worth all the work

    Some days just never end...do they?
    I haven't noticed
    The moon rises
    The sun falls
    Another day ends
    But another chance arises

    To take hold of life's wings
    And you'll know it will never let you fall
    Because deep inside you'll know

    That its your turn to fly