• Is it already too late to apologize?
    For all the pain and damage we had emphasized.
    The bright blue skies blemishing into grays,
    the sun can no longer be found without a trace.
    Animals begin to lose their precious homes,
    even the Eskimos down at the icy domes.

    The bountiful resources we once had,
    are the precious ones that have already gone bad.
    The lungs of the world are deceasing out of the world as we speak,
    even the glowing crystals of every mountain’s peak.
    The ferocious droughts brought by us.
    How can we ever regain our planet Earth’s trust?

    Melting blankets of whites,
    in the Arctic sights.
    Troubles sense the atmosphere,
    when there is nothing else but the mere.
    Cries of the polar bears echoing into nothingness,
    everything we’ve done is sure a mess.

    Before electronics,
    kids loved reading and phonics.
    Reading improves the mind,
    and can save energy and time.
    Turn the light switch off,
    when exiting a loft.
    Maybe even the TV,
    or the DVDs.

    Remember that old dusty bike?
    Well you are in for the psyche!
    Instead of your contaminate car,
    Just walk!
    I know this sounds real bizarre,
    but at least you are saving the Earth from bumping into Mars.

    All that junk in the air,
    oh my that is not fair!
    Planting trees is fun.
    Why don’t we plant one under the sun?
    Ever hear of Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse?
    Well it’s just the moment of truce.
    Can’t you see we can do much better by following these rules?
    Before we know it,
    it’s us to blame for the lost of the many precious jewels.