• An angel without wings,
    oh an angel without wings,
    what is an angel without wings,
    you may say,
    an angel without wings,
    is an angel here to stay,
    an angel to care,
    an angel to share,
    one to help,
    one to love,
    there to listen,
    there to save,
    a lover,
    a savior,
    an angel without wings,
    what are they indeed,
    the one who matters most,
    that best friend,
    you may not fly,
    but I prefer you here,
    by my side,
    saving the day every day,
    every second I last,
    stay by my side,
    because I need you
    more than ever,
    stay here angel,
    you are my angel,
    be my guardian,
    stay here forever,
    an angel without wings you are,
    but you don't need wings,
    because you're fine here,
    with me,
    here's your home to stay,
    not heaven,
    but a home indeed.