• Crowds used to bother me.
    All of them pushed and shoved.
    None of them knew each other.
    Nobody cared.
    Crowds used to make me wonder-
    Would anyone care if I disappeared?
    Would anyone remember me when I was gone?
    Crowds used to bother me a lot.
    All of those people made me fell very small.

    But something happened,
    And it made me very happy.
    Because, you see,
    Something happens when you find at least one person that cares.
    Because then you mattered to at least one person.
    Because you have a reason to get up in the mornings.

    Sometimes I wonder…
    I wonder how you picked me out of the crowd.
    Someone like me, who was awkward and weak.
    You may say you have faults,
    But I can’t see many of them.
    I just see you.
    My friend.
    You and the strengths you have.
    You’re strength (and criticism) inspired me to become better.
    And your ability to make me laugh kept me from falling.
    I’m so glad that a person like you exists.
    And if you ever fall I will pull you back up,
    Weather you like it or not.
    ‘Cause I’m only the person I am now because I met you.
    ‘Cause you pulled me out of the crowd.