• forget the times when we wre together.
    forget the imes we'd thought it'd last forever.
    forget how we used to hug and kiss,
    how everything around us seemed to be bliss.

    forget how i used to call you, and you used to call me.
    forget our love was called 'pure' and 'free.'
    forget how i used to care for you when sick.
    how, because of me, you thought the illness went away real quick.

    forget how you used to put your arms around my shoulders.
    forget that i thought, without your embrace, everything got colder.
    forget about me and you.
    forget that you found new love way too soon.

    forget that we even had an itam.
    i'll break it and throw away the pieces so no one can find them.
    forget that we were once so happy.
    just dont ever forget how you hurt me.