• Squinting in the sun, just you and me.
    Laughing as we trip, kissing in the tree.

    My juniper tree, my juniper tree,
    Throw my rose over the sea.

    My smile is fake now, you don't love me.
    You don't see me.

    Our eyes hurt, when we glance.
    My hands get cold when you betray me.

    My love is dead now, you don't love me.
    You don't know me.

    I missed the kiss you sent.
    An apology I didn't get.

    A letter I didn't read.

    A hug I didn't feel.

    A tulip I didn't feed.

    A smile I saw crack.
    And die.

    And die.

    And fall.

    You're that tear drop I didn't catch.