• Little girl:

    Daddy, please stop yelling at mommy,
    She didn't do anything wrong,
    If you must hurt someone,
    Please, please,
    Hurt me instead.


    Shut up!
    I'll do what i please!
    Don't tell me what to do!
    I'll do what ever the hell i want!

    Little girl as she falls to the ground:

    I love you daddy,
    Please, please daddy...
    Don't hurt me anymore..

    Father as he continues to beat his daughter:

    Shut up you whore!
    You wretched,
    Scum filled b***h!
    You're just like your mom!

    Little girl as she cries:

    Its getting hard to breathe,
    Please stop hurting me...

    The dad hit her once more in the head.
    And now..
    The little girl,
    Won't ever see the light of day,