For the past few day's I've peen working on my book, WEAPON.
But seriously, Idk what to think about it - IK that this journal is semi-privte because, ******** it, nobody ever reads this piece of s**t :p
But if anyone did Id ask them to try and buy a copy of my book when Im done with it, are there any biters? ;D

Lol, well it's unlike me to be this chipper - but it's my nature to be like some sort of bucket - I fill up, then I dump out, then fill up again WOA! Am I bipolar or something? Idk, but it seems like the world is s**t then I just turn it around or deal with it and move on. But what seems like a perpetual problem is this ******** book!

Look all you hot n' sexy babes that are reading this - you're probobly intensley turned off b y me due to my habit of, oh... what was it? OVER ******** THINKING! xD
So yeah - overthinking is both my strong trait, and my downfall.

I've been working on this one book for 2 years now, and it's going great because I'm just overthinking every last thing - but when I'm trying to write a no-brainer, shallow, good story.

you know those books & movies that are great because it took a decent concept and capitalizes on it - yet, in a simple way?
These books usually start with a simple "what it" question.
For example, this one was based off "What if... I had to witness the girl I love getting picked on, and with lies non the less?"

The answer is simple - the psyche can only contain so much abuse before it deviates to a solution, in some cases the extreme (Especially after some emotional loss) If I were to have to witness the flogging of my nice girlfriend continuously - I'd eventally destroy someone's loved things, maim someone, kill someone.

So the plot was simple:
Emphasise a lovable character with lots of lovable / redeemable factors, then hue in some sort of sub psychological break as he slips into madness and begins his reighn of terror.
Show the girlfriends destruction as a tortured soul - yet give her enough time without it to show that she is a somewhat valid character and not a cheap addition to excuse the action of murder.
Throw in some douchebags in the lives of these two characters, perhaps one or two nice ones, and you have a dcent story - not too hard.

But my problem is deviating back to my hardcore "Thread" writing, where I plan out the book and perfect it before I write it.

This is no book for perfection! It NEEDS to be simple, it's my starting novel (Besides WARP II) and there should be no trump card played this early! I really gotta slow down and write it the way it should be