• Look at his eyes of pearly gold
    The scarring of his misdeeds
    Leaving a smile ever so bold
    His phase of mind, compared to yours, exceeds
    For madness is only fun
    When there is more than one
    The strange laughter he emits is not of this earth
    Chatter and rhymes fill the putrid air
    He's leaving everything in this world that holds worth
    You imagine leaving yet you still do not dare
    For you know it's still in this putrid air
    His harmonies make you skip a beat
    Dancing with your teasing greenish glow
    Jack makes the stars just the right kind of neat
    All you want is his love to show
    Jack doesn't understand for he hides a mystic dance
    A dance this world he could never show
    For when you think he leaves giving you a second chance
    He leaves the same dark glance
    The one that hides his pain
    Leaving a smile ever so bold