• Betty can't quit carving question marks in my wrist
    How come we're so alone?
    We waste away the days with nicotine and television samples
    Of an era we hate to admit we embrace
    We fail to represent
    We fail to be content
    We fail at everything we ever even try to attempt
    And so the story goes
    As only Betty knows
    It's time we take control

    Betty, I need you
    I miss you
    I'm so alone without you
    To call up on the weekends with my cellular phone heart

    Betty, it's so hard to relate
    To the whole human race
    I don't know where to begin
    I don't know where to begin
    If we can both find a way
    To do the things that we say
    We might not sit in our rooms
    And drink our daydreams away
    Betty, I'm a dreamer
    I'm not a vicious schemer