• -Dark

    -Dear Luna,
    You have been out of town for a little, I know that we are only friends, but when I get emotional I write poems. Please don't criticize me for this, but here it is,

    Hey Luna,
    It's been awhile.
    So put aside your worries,
    and give me a smile.

    I must confess,
    I'm bored without you.
    I'm lonely again,
    with nothing to do.

    I've never had a friend,
    not even one before.
    I can't look at anyone else,
    when it's you I adore.

    What I'm trying to say...
    What I WANT to say...
    What I'm too shy to say...

    ...is that you're loved by someone...

    There I said it,
    the word is out.
    I love you and only you Luna,
    and without a doubt.

    I'm sorry I'm appalling,
    hair so black and eyes so red.
    But I still can't shake your hold,
    I can't get you out of my head.

    I know I'm ugly,
    and intimidating in the least.
    But please accept one thing,
    that you're beauty tamed the beast.

    You're perfect Luna,
    so hate me for wanting you.
    I can't divert my stare,
    from those pictures of us two.

    But your friends are right,
    you can do better than me.
    There are many handsome men,
    who will fill your life with glee.

    I'm pathetic,
    scared to lose my only friend.
    They may say I'm lying,
    but for you, my heart I defend.

    And you know I'm dangerous,
    I'm practically covered in spikes.
    So I still sometimes wonder,
    why you'd pick a soul that no one likes.

    I stare at you,
    and you stare right back.
    I know that you have,
    what others may lack...

    ...a pure heart.

    But there are many others,
    who are much better than I.
    Who can make your heart melt,
    and the hours fly by.

    You captured my heart,
    with your beautiful soul.
    And you're the only person,
    who can ever fill my whole.

    You're perfect.

    The perfect spirit.
    The perfect soul.
    The perfect personality...
    ...and the perfect body...

    ...How could I resist those beautiful green eyes?

    My heart is all yours,
    do with it as you wish.
    You may break it into pieces,
    or give it a kiss.

    You can throw me out to die,
    for I am caught under your spell.
    Do what you want, for as long as you're happy,
    I will be happy as well.

    There, now you know. I won't blame you if you never want to see me again. But at least you know the truth.
    I'm sorry, Luna.