• God Forgives
    and God forgets
    But will he remember
    That you fought for him?
    You fought the good war
    You fought the bad war
    You fought the war of life
    Your family
    Your friends
    Your life
    All is falling apart

    Never have you forgotten
    The life that was sacrificed for yours
    Your brother
    Your Brothers in arms
    Your men
    All them
    Have died
    For you.

    So don't go away
    Don't waste you life
    Just keep on trying
    and trying.

    Bloodshed it was
    Passing by
    Shot by shot
    Clip by clip
    Body by body
    You ended this war
    But not alone
    and maybe
    Not for the best.

    (Note- This is for my Brother who died when i was 13, i am 15 right now, he died in Iraq, my personal opinion, Bush did too much crap wrong.)

    *Rest in peace*
    *My brother*
    *My Friend*
    *My God*
    *My Jack*