you lie you liess
    i don't want it
    i dont give a s**t how pretty you are, i don't give a s**t how many words you say
    you never loved me anyway
    i loved you ,
    and you're already away
    you got a boyfriend the next goddamned day !
    you hurt my feels more then i can say,
    but girl girl , i dont want you to go away D:
    ..but you'll never love me anyway
    I thought i ment something to you, i thought that maybe i was someone to you
    but i was nothing , less then nothing
    and you don't care, don't care.
    you never loved me anyway.

    all the words that you say, are polished as you say
    i love you ,
    so much
    i'll leave him for you
    because i know all he wants is sex

    what the ********
    what the hell
    i don't give a crap
    you don't care
    but i do care, I really care ,
    I can't stop dreaming of you, i can't stop thinking about you,
    I can't stop crying about you

    I don't want to sleep anymore,
    I don't want to dream of you
    when i see you in my mind, you linger there, for along time.
    i don't want you i don't.
    you're a bullshitter
    and i still don't give a s**t .

    HOW DARE YOU ******** PLAY ME
    why'd you touch my heart if it ment nothing to you from the start?
    you never loved me anyway

    i've been waiting for that moment, and it'll never be the one i see in my head.
    because girl ,
    you don't care
    i thought you cared,
    and now that you're gone with yer ol boyfriend
    who wears his pants too low, and the only love he'll show you is to ******** you.
    i bet it's because i don't have a ...

    soorrryy i'm not what you wanted , but you could stop faking it
    stop saying you love me , because i see your words fall to the ground ,
    they mean nothing at all and they never willl

    I would say i hate you , but i still love you too much ,
    i would say i love you , but you sadden me too much...
    i love you more then i can say.