• A shadow in the land of darkness,
    all alone to die.
    Choking on the stale air,
    praying for the light again.

    All alone to die,
    a shadow for life.
    Dying in the darkening land,
    never to see light again.

    Long forgotten is the hero of old,
    fading away with the light.
    Dying in the darkness here,
    forever in this eternal midnight.

    Hated by many,
    loved by few.
    Now being the great enemy,
    of a land ever darkening.

    As evil wins,
    all hope fades.
    The good are killed by greed,
    and greed remains the king.

    A hero though stands tall and bloody,
    hoping for this suffering land.
    Slaying the evil,
    and restoring the light.

    Yet as the evil grows,
    the light of the warrior fades.
    Evil regains the taken land,
    then slays the warrior, the peoples hope.

    Thirty years had passes,
    with darkness across the land.
    Rumor was heard,
    of an unknown warrior.

    Traveling and cleansing the land,
    so young and strong.
    The people had lost hope,
    and gained none now.

    They lived in doubt,
    of such a light.
    Many wondered about the land,
    would it ever again be graced with light.

    A year had passed,
    and no rumor was heard.
    The darkness seemed to linger,
    but slowly then came the light.

    By the solstice of summer,
    the land was cleansed.
    But the kind of greed still lingered,
    upon a mountain on his dark throne.

    Those in the valley below,
    were not saved from his malice.
    The warrior though knew of this,
    and went to challenge him.

    Three weeks they fought,
    never stopping or giving up.
    When at last the greed king fell,
    the word spread and rejoice was about.

    When the people of the valley heard,
    they ran to praise the hero.
    yet when they got there to their suprise,
    She lay on the bloody ground hardly breathing.

    The villagers took her to the great chamber,
    they lay her on a crimson bed.
    Many were is awe of her,
    gazing at her beauty.

    The men in the company wept with sorrow,
    at the thought of losing such grace.
    Two days she lay cold like stone,
    but breathing none the less.

    On the third day though,
    her spirit passed from sight.
    The land was in woe for the death,
    but also in rejoice.

    For they remembered her,
    because of her great feat.
    Now she lives in legend,
    and none will ever forget.

    But every now and then,
    they say they see her there.
    Standing on the mountain top,
    watching over the land.

    Let us not forget her legacy,
    and let us remember hope.
    Bringing light to the darkness,
    and leave a legacy of our own.