• To her he is the world,
    To him his little girl.
    All those nights alone,
    After mummy kicked him out of home.

    He lies and waits for the phone to ring,
    Hoping to hear her voice sing.
    She wants to call but is not allowed,
    She just wants him to be proud .
    A few days later mummy gets a call,
    Daddy couldn’t take it all.

    He grabbed a knife,
    Then took his life.
    Daddy’s presence was no more,
    But a note lay on the floor.

    “My darling little girl,
    You are my world.
    Your smile brightened up my day,
    But ... I have something need to say.
    I love you more then you will ever know,
    I’m sorry I if I hurt you so.
    My love for you will never die,
    I’ll always be there by your side.
    I will love you forever and a day,
    I’m sorry it had to end this way...”

    That note remained in a draw,
    The note she wished she had never saw.
    She thinks it’s her fault that Daddy past,
    She thinks his love will never last.
    Every night she cries to sleep,
    Trying not to make a peep.
    Sometimes she can’t and screams allowed,
    Her cries are heard above the crowd.

    Years have gone past since Daddy said goodbye,
    every time she reads his note tears fill her eyes.
    His name now carved on a polished rock,
    Was a pain her heart never forgot.

    She’s fourteen now and is finding it hard,
    she finds some glass and takes a shard.
    She cuts her wrist slow and deep,
    to make a scar she can forever keep.
    A little tear rolls down her face,
    She then disappeared without a trace.
    To him she was his entire world,
    She is now again Daddy’s little girl... crying