• Burning of the candle, so warm and so bright
    we fall into our deepest desires
    the chambers of wanting await us
    falling so far into the sickness of loving
    we may never come out
    my heart beats its last time
    its here...
    the time of our lives
    the time I sacrifice my self for you
    run, faster, faster
    into the darkness of my heart
    let it swallow you whole...
    my love, only for you, this day called today
    in my heart, the burning of our love grows strong
    my heart can't bear it when you leave
    you don't hear my whisper's
    you don't hear me
    slowly, so slowly, I die from with-drawl of the world
    you are my world
    is this the last time we see one another?
    the last time we hold each other?
    I can't let that happen!
    hold, hold on, so dear
    don't let go just yet
    my love...