• You mean so much to me
    More than you think you know.
    I'll tell you how much you mean to me
    before you have to go.

    You are like oxygen
    when I cannot breathe.
    You are my hope.
    You make me believe.

    You are like glasses
    when I cannot see.
    You are my mirror
    to show me what I can be.

    You are like a flower
    on a rainy day.
    Just like a daisy
    in the month of May.

    When I am feeling down
    you're there to cheer me up.
    You are so refreshing
    like ice tea in my cup.

    You are my best friend,
    Someone I care about.
    Now I don't think you will leave me.
    That I really doubt.

    If you don't believe me
    or think that it's not true
    then why would I be writing
    this wonderful poem for you?

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