• I remember when i said No man was gonna tie me down, Now it's so much pressure, Sometimes if you can't find me maybe I'm just breathing in the fresh air cause you blew my circuit. Leaving the autumn. Use to steady wait months for you to come home to me, Well I'm tried of crying and missing your smile. Every day felt like we was stuck on repeat. We was always meant to be together but you stood by your beliefs, Stood by another woman that i call the world. You always told me i came first, You should have known my love was true while you dedicated yourself to another life.

    You told me as you was leaving packing your bags one day you'd be back, Boy i knew you was lying the same ole song played in the background. Off you go to another world far away from your family and the one you loved the most. Damn you ,I'll always love you, It's to late now i seen you walking out the door slipping the key into the mailbox. The saddest part was we said i love you but never thought it be the last time we would ever see each other.

    Today i got that letter in the mail, Saying your coming home soon. Me and our daughter cried. Shot straight in the heart, You promised you'd come home this time you promised us. I never thought our family would lose the only person who held us together. A mother and child with broken hearts. I'm so much pain, Our little girl doesn't understand. I told her one day she would. Now i understand why you didn't want to argue the last moment we were family.