• long and weary from a battle fought
    a soldier clad in Armour thought

    did i live and work so i could die
    or to send a soul to hear the angles cry

    the answer i know is hard to swallow
    so again i leave my thoughts tomorrow.

    but in my dreams i can not flee
    all the horrid things i see

    the death of men who are never heard
    who never spoke a hurtful word

    i did not see an end in sight
    so i fought with all my might

    with hope that my strength could end
    an evil hart that would not bend

    so bullets flew all through the air
    to strike a person without care

    but the cost of war seems so great
    i just know humanity can not wait

    we might end each other before we see
    how great humanity can truly be

    with our love locked in our hart
    and if every person did their part

    i'm sure the world could see the day
    where the warrior in Armour can rest and lay.