• hve you ever loved some one?
    some one that you knew you where going to spend the rest of your life with?
    and than they tell you they don't love you any more.
    what a farce!
    for if that where true
    than they never loved you at all!
    but if you loved some one.
    truely loved some one.
    who spat it back in your face
    than you know the feeling
    like your heart has left you.
    like your life has been torn asunder.
    when the fires of love
    turn to cold stone
    and are crushed
    by the hate you harbored
    for but a fleeting second.
    now imagine that they loved you back.
    truely loved you.
    but they had to leave.
    for a reason neither of you
    had the power to stop.
    they wouldn't leave soon.
    nor would they leave in some distant unknown future.
    but in a mesure of months
    on a day that was specifically pland out.
    and you are alaud to stay with them
    untill they leave.
    imagine the torture.
    and tell me how to describe it.
    because for all my poetry
    all my pain
    all my dieing love.
    I can find no compilation of words
    no poem writen by one more talented than myself
    to describe this fealing.
    it makes me want to tear
    at every inch of skin on my body!
    it makes me want to rip out my heart
    just to stop the pain!
    it makes me want to quit
    at this discusting game called life!
    but I stay
    for there is still love left in this broken heart.
    I would never quit if it ment leaving her...