• "Here I am, so don't let me go"
    That's what I'll say if I see you the next day
    My heart is in pain but you don't know
    I'm hoping one day you'll take me away

    From a long time ago
    I've been searching for a prince
    But I realized when I met you
    There is no such thing

    Now, I know it's you
    Back then, I kept my heart lock down
    Forgive me for my past pretenses
    Didn't meant to hurt you or anything
    I was a fool and still am too

    All night I keep thinking
    About the mistakes I did
    I won't forget and I tried everything
    To get you back into my life
    And when you said those three word
    I just died

    Oh, is my love enough for you?
    'Cause it's only for you
    Yea, one and only you
    Take it now before it's gone

    I don't want to lose you
    I don't think I can live with myself
    If you're not here beside me
    But if I have to let you go, there's no promises

    I won't put up a white flag
    'Till I have you next to me
    Pretty much it's gotta be you
    'Cause I just know it's you