• Sometimes I wonder...
    How it feels
    or what it's like
    to die...
    Leaving everyone
    and everything behind
    not looking back and
    just not being able to

    Sometimes they say
    you don't feel a thing...
    Can we truly believe that though?
    how would we know?

    When someone
    we care for is gone..
    sometimes we mourn
    Sometimes we celebrate
    the life they once lived
    Sometimes we just don't know how to feel..

    Maybe we feel too many emotions
    to express them all at once
    or we feel one emotion
    that is too much to express

    So many questions..
    that can't be answered
    most of them if not all
    are why?
    But until then
    all we can do is wait
    be grateful for another day
    Because we never know
    When the wondering will stop
    and the unanswered question
    are answered...