• Mother Earth, our only one.
    A globe of solids, liquids, and gases.
    Mother Nature, the plants and animals
    that surround us every day.

    The sun in shining, the breeze is cool.
    Children play gleefully in the water
    and campfires burned,
    so bright, so warm.

    Birds are siging cheerfully,
    a chorus of melodious chimes.
    Kittens playing in the grass,
    watched by kids heading towards school.

    Do you care or our planet?
    Would you mind if the sun and the breeze went away?
    What would you do if you found we had caused it?
    Would you be angry?

    If we don’t take care,
    our cities on the coasts will flood,
    drowning the kittens and destroying the schools
    and all of the fun places you go with your friends.

    The birds would no longer
    sing sweet tunes because they
    would be crying in agony as the melting
    ice caps destroy their homes.

    Humans would feel the effects of this.
    Millions would die of cancer from
    greenhouse gases destroying their skin.
    No one could have a fun walk in the the park
    when smog blocks the colors of the flowers.

    If you’re thinking, “Why should I worry?
    I’ve just been a human my entire life.
    What am I doing wrong?
    Other people should worry, not me,”

    then you’re part of the thousands of others
    who think that way, who don’t care
    that in a few decades New York, Tokyo, and many
    other cities will be covered in water from global warming.

    But go ahead, do what you do best.
    Be ignorant while I use steam engines,
    recycle my homework when it’s graded,
    and walk to the movies with my friends.

    Sure, don’t care.
    Watch as humans destroy the world.